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THK offers most innovative Rolled Ball Screw

THK’s innovative and affordable Rolled Ball Screws are feed screws that use a screw shaft which is rolled with high-accuracy and specially surface-ground. This is unlike the thread-ground shaft which is used in the Precision Ball Screws. 


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TLR Roller Telescopic slides’ extension and self-aligning capacity (Part 2)

  1. Extension
  2. The innovative TLR slides ensure an extension that is equal to the closed slide, as well as a small constant. The motion of the intermediate element and the lower rail creates the extension, while the upper rail is fixed to the structure.

    The movement of the lower rail is larger than that of the upper rail owing to the optimisation of load capacity. This is also due to the rollers being located on the intermediate element to offer maximum load capacity in this position.

    As the TLR slides are asymmetric, they must be ordered as left side slide TLRS and right side slide TLRD. When installed, the product code must be located on the top side.

    The load capacities are indicated per rail, with centred load position, equal to half the rail in the extended position. 

  3. Self-aligning Capacity
  4. The TLR slides can prevent minor structural errors or non-precise installation when used in pairs. Usually this would increase the required force for moving the mobile part in the extending and closing direction, which is a common challenge for ball-cage telescopic slides.

    However, using a pair of self-aligning TLR slides creates smooth, low friction movement and an easier installation, which results in cost savings.

    The self-aligning feature is achieved with a combination of floating rollers and guiding rollers in the TLR..A (aligning). This allows for minor rail rotation and maintaining the preload in the upper and lower rails of the TLR..A slide. 

    The TLR..A is generally used as a pair with standard TLR for good lateral stability. Good self-aligning can also be achieved for movement of vertical panels with the use of TLR..A at the top to absorb some misalignment and with some retainer guidance at lower part.

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World first in LM Guide innovation

As part of its commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction, DC Auto-Motion presents the world’s longest LM Guide Rail from world renowned components manufacturer THK.


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Methods of protection for your LM Guide (Part 2*)

1. Steel Tapes (Optional)

Steel tapes are a form of contamination protection for machine tools. The steel tape significantly increases sealability when the LM rail mounting holes are covered with an ultra-thin stainless steel plate.

The increased sealability also prevents the penetration of a coolant or cutting chips from the top face of the LM rail.


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Precautions on using options for your LM Guide

QZ Lubricator for the LM Guide

QZ is a lubricating device that is designed to feed a minimum amount of oil to the raceway.

  • Ensure a stroke that is longer than the overall LM block is secured, with QZ lubricator attached.
  • Do not drop or strike the product as it could cause injury or product damage.

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The six categories of THK of LM Guide seals for the market (Part 2)

4. Made to order Light-Resistance Contact Seal (LiCS) - Applicable to SVR + SVS models

LiCS is a light sliding resistance contact seal that effectively removes dust on the raceway and retains lubricants such as grease, while achieving extremely low drag and smooth, stable motion.

LiCS uses a light-resistance material in its sealing element. It achieves a low drag resistance when contacting the LM rail raceway due to oil-impregnated, expanded synthetic rubber. LiCS is suited to applications where low drag resistance is required, such as semiconductor-related devices, inspection devices and OA equipment.


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