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THK offers most innovative Rolled Ball Screw

THK’s innovative and affordable Rolled Ball Screws are feed screws that use a screw shaft which is rolled with high-accuracy and specially surface-ground. This is unlike the thread-ground shaft which is used in the Precision Ball Screws. 

Compared to conventional Rolled Ball Screws, THK’s superior product achieves a smaller axial clearance and smoother motion as the ball raceways of the ball screw nut are all thread-ground. 

THK ensures that the ideal products are selected according to application by offering a large variety of Rolled Ball Screw types. 

The Rolled Ball Screws create a lead angle accuracy of Class C7. In order to serve a significant range of applications, screw shafts with travel distance error of classes C7 and C8 are manufactured as the standard, as well as the C10. 

Travel Distance

C7: ± 0.05/300mm 

C8: ± 0.10/300mm 

C10: ± 0.21/300mm 

The rolled shaft ensures a surface roughness of 0.20a or less and the surface of the screw shafts ball raceways is specially ground. 

To provide durability and smooth motion THK finishes the ball raceways of Rolled Ball Screw nuts by grinding. 

Compared to the Precision Ball Screw, which has a ground thread, the Rolled Ball Screw is a lower price due to the rolled and specially ground surface of the induction hardened or carburized screw shaft. 

The ball screw nut also has low friction, a high dust prevention effect and a longer service life of the ball screws. This is due to the lack of a compact labyrinth seal or brush seal being incorporated into the ball screw nut.

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